About Us

1st Choice Landscaping provides the best landscaping services anywhere in Green Bay. We’ve been in business for 11 years and pride ourselves on creating incredibly beautiful yards, gardens, and other spaces - always while remembering the space’s practical purpose as a lived-in environment. If it’s not as useful as it is beautiful, then we’re not done creating it yet.

We’re a small family-owned business, comprised of employees who understand the landscape and people of eastern Wisconsin. We love Green Bay - in all its seasons - as much as we love landscaping, and we’re committed to making it a greener, more verdant and beautiful place to live.

Since our work deals directly with the environment, we’re committed to helping our clients create sustainable spaces and lifestyles—and we strive to make our own work as green as we can.

We’re committed to treating our clients - not customers - as creative equals in the design and execution of your outdoor space - letting you get down and dirty if you want or taking care of everything 100% if that’s more your style. Our employees will always treat you with honesty and respect, and we won’t leave until the job’s done to your satisfaction - part of the reason the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau awarded 1st Choice an A+ rating in 2010.

The philosophy of 1st Choice Landscaping comes straight from Mike!

through his employees and on to you. Mike believes that every project is important, every yard unique, and every client a collaborator. He knows that you want your property to be both visually appealing and appropriate for how it will be used.

With his background in landscapes, hardscapes, fertilization, and horticulture, he’s the perfect man to head up a landscaping company—and along with the client he personally approves every major project before considering it completed.

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